Park Dreams

Park Dreams Trailer from Miranda Loud on Vimeo.

Painter Gary Dunn talks about art and the value of public parks in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

garydunnparkdreams Podcast #3 – posted March 19, 2012

painter Gary Dunn: photo: Lauren Welles

ParkDreams#2  Podcast Installment #2

Boston’s Public Garden: A young couple visiting the Public Garden to ride the swan boats share their thoughts on the wisdom of other species, making safer neighborhoods, new ideas for how news is presented, and the way arts education changed their lives. Music “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saens, performed by Miranda Loud. Photo credits: Amie Wang

About the Park Dreams Project

Inspired by an encounter with a homeless man in the park whose dream is “to see this country from the east to the west coast free of cigarette butts” and who daily cleans the Boston Common with other homeless friends by collecting the butts and throwing them away (notice the cigarette butts in the above photo), I wondered what sorts of dreams people in the park have if they were asked – dreams for humanity, the world in general, as well as personal dreams. I’ll be interviewing people in Prospect Park in Brooklyn in August as well as continuing my interviews in the Public Garden and Boston Common here in Boston. The project is ongoing and will need sponsorship and donations of any size to continue, so please consider passing it on to any corporate, foundation or individual who would like to support this exciting work. All donations through NatureStage are tax-deductible.

Some of the questions we are asking:

What brings you to the park? 

How would you like to see humanity evolve over the next hundred years?

What is your dream for yourself, for your family, and for the world?

What sticks with you the most from middle school, high school and college?

Is there another species you’re particularly concerned about?

Are there any abilities or qualities in other animals that you admire?

How do you think education can be improved?

What do you think is the role of artists in society?

What defines art to you? What’s the line between art and entertainment? 

What would be one way to make your neighborhood safer? Make it stronger?

Photo Credits:  Ami Wang, Ana Caras, Erika Sidor. Art credits: Miranda Loud

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