Buccaneers of Buzz: Celebrating the Honeybee

Thank you to our donors who helped fund the DVD now in production. 

Entering the Hives

Buccaneers of Buzz: Celebrating the Honeybee was two years in the making, resulting in a multi-media performance directed by Miranda Loud interweaving experimental video and interviews, music for voice and marimba, and dance. Awarded a Gold Star Award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council for a work of innovation and excellence in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences, and which fosters community engagement.

Watch clips, including The Queen and the Drones, Bee “To Do” List, Trisa’s Story, Lost Bee Dance…

vimeo http://vimeo.com/channels/207732

The performers included Brian Jones, tap and choreography, Yuko Yoshikawa, marimba, Karl Haas, percussion, and Loud as vocalist and film director/editor/interviewer, with the following interviewed beekeepers:

Megan Durney

Bud Shriner

Howard Scott

Nancy Mangion

Trisa Gay

Todd Hardie

Marjan van der Velt

Landa Townsend

Birgit de Weerd

Press About Buccaneers of Buzz

FACES Magazine July 2011 page about Buccaneers of Buzz

“Oh Bee-Hive”, Lincoln Journal, September 2008 – Ben Aronson