Miranda Loud, speaker in Social and Environmental Justice at Notre Dame de Namur University, CA, March 2011

“A powerful presentation which should be seen by humane educators around the world.” – Director, Peninsula SPCA

In addition to our projects in progress, Artistic Director Miranda Loud is touring to universities and high schools with a multi-media presentation, Saving the Elephants, Saving Ourselves: The Role of Art in Social Change, a powerful illustration of Naturestage’s vision in combining the arts with current issues around species loss and compassion. Her talk inspires students and general audiences to take action on their feelings of compassion and to see connections between social justice and reviving our sense of kinship with other species. Miranda interweaves video, poetry, music and lecture around humanity’s complex and often tragic relationship with elephants as a gateway to exploring what it means to be global stewards, and illustrates the power of art to educate and connect people with the knowledge they have in their hearts. To read more about this presentation, please see

“Thanks for being the inspiration to follow my heart with action.”

“She ignited a fire under my apathy…”

“It was the perfect example of the connections between empathy education, arts, and respect for all animals including humans. Also, I loved her energy, whimsy, and compassion.  Her talk flew by.”

Audience members at Saving the Elephants, Saving Ourselves: The Role of the Arts in Social Change Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, CA, March 22.

” ‘Chaconne: Dance of Friendship’ is a poignant, beautifully-told story. I watched it several times…”

Professor in Ethics and Animal Studies, University of Redlands, CA