NatureStage is part of a growing movement of interdisciplinary holistic-minded problem-solvers. To learn more about some of the issues we are tying together, you can follow our (soon-to-be-updated) links on honeybees, elephants, arts, social justice and education and connect the dots yourself to become a solutionary (humane educator Zoe Weil’s term) in your own sphere. Subscribing to the blog will keep you informed with all of these intersections as well.

Naturestage is proud to count as colleagues, in this mission to bring our kinship with other species into the mainstream, Gay Bradshaw, founder of the Kerulos Center and Zoe Weil, founder of the Institute for Humane Education. I can’t recommend highly enough the courses offered by both of these organizations. To read more, see the course Being Sanctuary and the courses offered at IHE.

The Elephant Project and curriculum will follow many of the principles of these courses at Kerulos and IHE, but breaks new ground by offering online films with an arts-based curriculum for exploring trans-species empathy at the highschool and college levels. The goal is to bring our human role as global stewards into education as a cornerstone of today’s educational priorities for a more humane, compassionate and just way of living.