The Elephant – a magazine published in the Netherlands about elephant issues world-wide. The next issue will include Naturestage’s Elephant Project!

I was so thrilled to see the turnout last night at the Benefit for Naturestage in Waltham. The place was packed to the gills with some new faces and many longtime supporters who have made all the difference in our achievements. As someone said to me over dinner, “you really are also a human rights organization, since everything Naturestage is doing relates to the health and well-being of people as well as other animals.” Being a small non-profit, especially one that is on the vanguard of social change, is a challenge. Our supporters are meeting this challenge and saying “we believe in this work and in this approach to finding a human balance with the rest of nature.”  I spoke about the need for funds for the pilot of The Elephant Project (involving a short film and high school artistic responses to the themes in four different countries). The magazine based in The Netherlands, The Elephant, has just requested a story and photos about the project which will bring international exposure to this interdisciplinary and humanitarian idea.

Many people seemed enthusiastic about the One Language Project and its local and global aspirations. You can play a big part in this project by including your animal and its story in our upcoming exhibits and in sending our cat adoption (and soon to be created dog adoption cards) with your holiday or new year cards this year.

Over the next few days we are adding more items to the new Naturestage store  – mainly greeting cards, holiday cards, art prints, but we will be expanding this to include e-books as well as videos and recordings from some of our past projects. Please consider purchasing your holiday cards from us this year! All the profits will go directly towards our projects. You can also purchase animal adoption cards to enclose to people you know in Massachusetts who might be interested in adoption an animal from the MSPCA. This season I am using my photography skills to highlight the animals which need the most help standing out on petfinder – those which have been held the longest in shelters, are black cats (there is still a lot of superstition around black cats unfortunately), cats with Feline Leukemia Virus, Senior animals, animals grieving which makes them less receptive to shelter visitors. Help us help them!

Donate today or purchase items on our new store. Many more items are being added over the next few days so check back!


About naturestage

Miranda Loud is the Founder and Artistic Director of the non-profit NatureStage based in Waltham, MA, and is an interdisciplinary artist - classical singer/organist/filmmaker/photographer and environmentalist. She writes about the vital need for education to include a more heart-centered approach to studying other species that leads to a sense of stewardship. Naturestage creates works that foster empathy and kinship with other species, using the emotional power of storytelling in different art forms, mainly film, photography and music. She is also a public speaker on art and social change. Her current projects include The One Language Project, Park Dreams, The Elephant Project, and Elephantasia which all use different art forms to encourage a mind shift in how we relate to other species by asking "How would the world be different if we viewed other species as someones instead of somethings? If, instead of drawing lines, we drew circles?"
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